Restaurant 104 Reviews

5 of 5 stars – Reviewed 3 July 2018

From June 2, 2018 to June 12, 2018 we stayed at a hotel across the street from Restaurant 104. Every morning we would have breakfast there. The wait staff were very friendly and helpful. The food was outstanding. My special for breakfast was Belgium Waffles covered with strawberries and whipped cream, along with a side order of streaky bacon. Yum!!! We also had a few dinners there and my wife loved the Sea bass.
We highly recommend if you are in this area to checkout this restaurant.

LARRYBURKE SARATOGA SPRINGS, NEW YORK - 5 of 5 stars - Reviewed 3 July 2018, TripAdvisor

“A Real Culinary Find”
5 of 5 stars – Reviewed 13 May 2018

We enjoyed the light breakfast and subsequently went there for dinner. We ordered the Sea Bass seasonal special at the recommendation of our server and were thrilled with the dish. It was truly a gourmet find. When was the last time you had sea bass garnished with Samphire and had a perfectly seasoned sauce with bacon bits and roasted potatoes that tasted great? I’ve dined at Michelin starred restaurants throughout Europe and they had nothing on ‘104’ other than location. While we dined, we began to notice the attention to detail in things like paintings, keepsakes, tiling and even the background music. Kudos to Karen (owner ?) for putting together a real culinary gem. My only regret about ‘104’ is that we don’t live in Ireland to enjoy it on a regular basis.

Stan P Columbia, Maryland - 5 of 5 stars - Reviewed 13 May 2018 , TripAdvisor

“Excellent quality and variety for a group of picky eaters”
5 of 5 stars – Reviewed 23 May 2018

Our group of eight arrived famished after a conference and were seated right away. Service was excellent and very efficient. Most of the party had dietary particulars but all was seen to with a flourish. Everything was delicious, I can particularly attest to the Cashel Blue Tagliatelle which was just divine! The wine pairing was perfect – we had the organic Pinot Grigio which was actually had a lot more depth than typical pinots. The atmosphere was casual, the dining area nicely decorated with lovely artwork honouring Irish greats (which was a nice talking point as there were Americans and Canadians in the group). Finally, the cost per head at the end was very reasonable. All in all, I would highly recommend this restaurant.

Genevieve W - 5 of 5 stars - Reviewed 23 May 2018, TripAdvisor

“highly recommend Restaurant 104 for any catering requirement”
5 of 5 stars – Reviewed 16 June 2016

Lovely staff, beautiful food. Would highly recommend Restaurant 104 for any catering requirements. They did a fantastic job last weekend catering for an event for 60 people in Malahide Castle. The pate and cheese board in particular got a big thumbs up. Thank you!

Bronagh, Dublin, Ireland - 5 of 5 stars - Reviewed 16 June 2016, Facebook

“Bringing cracking food to the masses”
5 of 5 stars – Reviewed May 2016

Boasts a thorough menu, with something for everyone – and bread and butter pudding to die for

Kate, Dublin, Ireland - 5 of 5 stars - Reviewed May 2016, Lovin Dublin

“Party Night & Food”
5 of 5 stars – Reviewed 22 December 2015

Been here a few times over the last few months and always good. Staff excellent, very inviting, food always very good and reasonably priced. Great coffee & chocolates! Still the best place around Drumcondra

Ursala T, Kinvara, Ireland - 5 of 5 stars - Reviewed 22 December 2015, TripAdvisor

“Christmas Party Treat”
5 of 5 stars – Reviewed 22 December 2017

We had our Christmas party here on Saturday, small venue but staff really looked after us. Fantastic staff and food was spot on, been here before a few months ago and still very good. Keep it Up!

John M, Galway, Ireland - 5 of 5 stars - Reviewed 22 December 2017, TripAdvisor

“There is something special about Restaurant 104”
5 of 5 stars – Reviewed 5 Aug 2016

My overall experience left me feeling happy and satisfied and I will definitely return. There is something special about Restaurant 104 and the prices are very reasonable.

Edward - - Dublin, Ireland - Reviewed 5 Aug 2016,

“Fabulous Place!”
5 of 5 stars – Reviewed 31 July 2018

“I went for dinner with my friends a few weekends ago. This place is so cool. It used to be an old butchers shop and they have kept the cool looking tiled walls. The food was beautiful. I had the black pudding and chorizo salad and did not want it to end! The atmosphere is relaxed and we felt really comfortable – a really lovely place to go to catch up with friends or for a date. The staff couldn’t do enough for us too, which made us feel special. It really is a must visit kind of place.”

Frantoal - 5 of 5 stars - Reviewed 31 July 2018, TripAdvisor

“Great little gem”
5 of 5 stars – Reviewed 19 July 2018

Stumbled across this place while staying in the hotel across the road. Arrived just after the breakfast menu finished but the very friendly waiter offered it to us which we greatly appreciated. Great service from the gentleman with the american accent and fantastic options both regular and gluten free options for my coeliac friend. I ordered the Eggs Benedict which was full of flavor with delicious streaky bacon and excellent coffee. Our party of 4 left the place with delight and intent to return on our next trip to Dublin to try the evening menu which I’m sure if it was anything like our first experience we will be greatly satisfied.

Laura D - 5 of 5 stars - Reviewed 19 July 2018, TripAdvisor

“Best service we’ve had in a long time”
5 of 5 stars – Reviewed 18 April 2018

I had a family event here recently, with 14 of us having dinner. I have to say we were looked after exceptionally well.

The food was fantastic, wings were delicious, BBQ sauce was great and the portion size was spot on – many establishments have become quite mean with their wings portions these days, but not the case here.

In addition, most of us had steak of one form or another. I had rib eye myself. Very tender and cooked exactly as I wanted it: medium rare. Delicious.

My grandad had sweet potato fries for the first time in his life (!) and, like my own, they were delicious. The team in the restaurant really looked after him and my grandmother very well too and they had a lovely time.

All told: great food, great service and a great experience.

PS Try the bread and butter pudding.

Noel Rock, Dublin - 5 of 5 stars - Reviewed 18 April 2018, TripAdvisor

“The Best Breakfast/Brunch I Found in Dublin”
5 of 5 stars – Reviewed 28 April 2015

This restaurant was convenient to me during the eight days I spent in Dublin. As a result I went there three times and was very satisfied with the food, service, cleanliness and character of the restaurant. I went to many good restaurants during my three weeks in Ireland. The Cheese Pantry was clearly my favorite.

Bill M, Santa Cruz, California - 5 of 5 stars - Reviewed 28 April 2015 , TripAdvisor